Featured  Resources: January


PSHE or tutor time activities for LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

Checklist to help your department review your current schemes of work. 

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One World, Many Voices

Jord Hammond .png

A collection of English Language writing resources using the work of photographer, Jord Hammond.

The Hate U Give Paper .jpg

English Language Paper 1: The Hate U Give



PSHE or tutor time activities for LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

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A collection of English Language resources using the amazing work of photographer, Holly-Marie Cato. 

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A collection of English Language writing resources. 

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Lesson focusing on the context of T.H.U.G. 

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An assembly looking at why we should celebrate black history.


Assembly or tutor time activities looking at the history of the Windrush generation.

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Tutor time activities for Bisexual Week.

Wix Thumbnail- Black History Influencers

Five tutor time activities focusing on just a few important Black figures in history.

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Inset session looking at the importance of diversity in schools.

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Q5 Writing Activity- Bastakespics.jpg

Analysis of Tupac's poetry with a focus on AO3. 

Paper 1, Question 5 writing activity using @bastakespics photography

English  Literature 

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Wix Thumbnail-Inspector Goole.jpg

 A lesson looking at the significance of Inspector Goole to the play.

 A lesson exploring Priestley's introduction of Inspector Goole

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Three explode the quote flashcards for

Mrs Birling.

Wix thumbnail- AIC Abuse of Power.jpg

Lesson exploring the abuse of power in the play. 

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Lesson exploring the poem 'Remains' by Simon Armitage

Commenting on the reader flashcard.jpg

Set of flashcards to help students make comments about the effect writer's methods have on a reader.

English  Language 

Wix Thumbnail- Banksy .jpg

English Language lesson analysing Banksy's artwork and caption for BLM 

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Lesson analysing Childish Gambino’s video ‘This Is America’ with a Q4 task.

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A full exam paper for AQA English Language Paper 1 using Children of Blood and Bone extract

Wix thumbnail- Structure .jpg

A lesson looking at Q3 structure. Includes a flashcard to help students with revision

Wix thumbnail- AIC language paper.jpg

An English Language practice exam paper using an extract from An Inspector Calls

YouTube Resources 

Cole Conversations with Stuart Pryke Thu

PowerPoint to accompany the Youtube video 'Analysis of the Witches in Macbeth'.


A worksheet including comprehension and analysis questions to accompany the YouTube video for Remains. 

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PowerPoint to accompany the Youtube video 'English Language Paper 1 Q5: Aiming for Grade 9

Cole Conversations with KatieThumbnail.j

Worksheet to accompany the Youtube video 'War Photographer Analysis'